Throughout the day the audio stream will stop and start as Congress adjourns and resumes. Please join the chat on the right to be notified when the stream is resuming.


Welcome to the very simple Pirate Congress 2017 portal for remote participants!

For the purpose of handling remote delegates, we will be using a video stream and IRC. MarkG will be representing remote delegates, and will substitute your position within the meeting. He will stand to speak for you and raise your objections.

Connecting to IRC

First things first, please enter your name as a nickname in the IRC interface on the top right and press Connect. You will see a bunch of text fly around. Please wait until you eventually end up in a chatroom called #ppau-congress.

Once in the chatroom, please inform Thomas (Rundll) or Fletcher that you have arrived, as he must identify you as a member in order to give you voting rights.


Motions will be raised for physical delegates in person, however remotes will not have this luxury. Voting for motions will be conducted by an automated IRC bot named "MotionBot"

After the motion has been announced and voting has commenced, state "aye" to agree, "nay" to disagree and optionally "abstain" to mark no vote. If you change your vote, your last vote will be counted. Votes are automatically tallied at the conclusion of the vote and the result announced by MotionBot.


You may at any time ask MarkG to make an interjection on your behalf, and he will read out your interjection at the next reasonable time. If in doubt, ask. :)

Useful Links

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